Since February 11, 2022 Moscow community center for LGBT+ initiatives is recognized as a foreign agent organization without legal entity by the Russian Ministry of Justice.
A Shelter for LGBTQI+ people in difficult straits.
Who is this program for?
Every LGBTQI+ person who experienced persecution or discriminations because of his/her sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI) can seek help at the shelter. People considered in difficult straits are:
Those who are persecuted by law, relatives or third parties because of their sexual orientation and/or their gender identity
Those with no residence or means of living and deprived of the opportunity to work because of discrimination based on their sexual orientation and/or their gender identity
Transgender people who can't pay for accommodation and living expenses while undergoing the medical commission in Moscow
What will you receive if your request gets accepted?
Accommodation in a secure location in Moscow for max. 1,5 month
Nutritious food during the occupancy time
Transport card for Moscow during the occupancy time in the shelter
Access to office equipment and internet
If needed: consultations from a psychologist or a legal expert
Every shelter resident will be provided with bed sheets, towels, shampoo, soap and a teeth brush
Our conditions:
It is prohibited to take drugs or drink alcohol during the entire residence time in the shelter
Every resident has to follow the shelter's residence rules
(the rules will be send to you beforehand in case your request gets accepted)
How can you get in touch with us?
For us to be able to help you, you need to fill in this application form under the web link or send the filled application to the email address

The decision about every request will be made within 3 days by the Supervisory Board of the program, separately for every case.