MTF Voice

/ October 3, 2016/ Projects

We are constantly using our speech in the daily routine for a wide variety of purposes. It would be immense challenge for the person to live without the speech. It is an essential means of person’s identity demonstration, expression of feelings and emotions. And it is no secret that one of the brightest markers of femininity for others is a limpid, pretty-trained, and sweet voice.

But alas, often far from every MTF transsexual is satisfied with her voice, and she does not think of it as sufficiently corresponding to her gender and inner identity.
In order to help her in solving such a problem we have intentionally opened weekly courses, within which we are trying together to “train” the voice as to bring its sounding maximally to the feminine one.

For this purpose, we apply and combine various techniques:
1. Study of brief basis of human vocal apparatus theory to have an idea how the vocal cords, the diaphragm, the chest, the lungs, and the mouth become coordinating.

2. Special vocal exercises allowing better control of laryngeal muscle and vocal cords for making the voice of necessary tone; and special exercises for breath control.

3. Psychological techniques aimed to better voice tone control.

4. Practical classes for encoding of obtained skills, choir singing.
The lessons are held once a week in groups of 5-10 people within the MCC under the direction of the qualified vocalism teacher. It is also possible to take part in our group remotely via the computer and the voice communications.

You are welcome, we will be delighted to anyone interested in taking part!