Monitoring of cases of discrimination on grounds of SOGI

/ August 12, 2017/ Projects

The Moscow community center and the M. O. of the Russian LGBT network execute the monitoring of cases of discrimination on grounds of SOGI.

We register cases of discrimination and violence against LGBT and provide primary legal and psychological assistance to victims that suffered from it. It is necessary to register such cases in order to reveal the real situation regarding discrimination of LGBT community in Russia and to show that it is a real existing problem.


Our government pretends that such problem doesn’t exist. We register real incidents in Moscow city and Moscow region and declare that there is such a problem!


Even if we won’t be able to overpower the situation in the foreseeable future, we will enter into this fight anyway. Our report is our weapon that we are using according to the level of what is in our power and in our zone we are trying to change the homophobic mentality of our citizens towards improvement. And you can help us in that.


If you have been affected personally OR want to help to collect data, please contact us:


contact the coordinator:


telephone: +7977 456 04 37,  

MCC Administration

You can also fill in a short questionnaire and we will contact you: