Since February 11, 2022 Moscow community center for LGBT+ initiatives is recognized as a foreign agent organization without legal entity by the Russian Ministry of Justice.
Under the map you can find the list of organizations that prefer not to disclose their address for safety reasons.

Also, contact us if:
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Pravovaya Initsiativa (en: Legal Initiative)
SJI fund (Netherlands) and partnering organizations utilise international law mechanisms in search of justice in cases involving serious human rights violations. The fund represents over 2000 clients with 400 claims, submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. Human rights activists help people defend their rights. The activists establish contact between people that require protection in the area of human rights and international lawyers that lead the cases in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR, Strasbourg).
Resurs (en: Resource)
Center for socio-psychological and cultural projects "Resurs LGBTQIA Moscow".
+7 (929) 521-49-51
Svobodnaya Psikhologia (en: Free Psychology)
Svobodnaya Psikhologia is a society of people interested in social and psychological changes towards greater freedom. First of all, we work with people that are stigmatized and discriminated against based on their gender and gender identity, external features, illness/disability (including mental), sexual orientation, migrant/immigration status, race/ethnicity, criminal record, etc. We work with people who do not have the opportunity or resources to receive help elsewhere.
"SOVA" (en: "OWL")
Areas of interest of the Info-analytical center "SOVA" include problems of nationalism and xenophobia, relationship between religion and society, political radicalism, (non)acceptance of liberal values and violation of human rights in our country.
+7 (495) 517-92-30
Russian Federation of LGBT Sports
The purpose of the Federation is social and sport services for LGBT community, including realization of social sports projects and programs aimed at protection of health, promotion of healthy lifestyle, physical education and sports among the LGBT community and other citizens, who share the Federation''s goals.