Since February 11, 2022 Moscow community center for LGBT+ initiatives is recognized as a foreign agent organization without legal entity by the Russian Ministry of Justice.
It is a space for LGBT + - community, where everyone
can get help, find understanding and support.
Moscow Community Center for LGBT + initiatives (MCC) is:
Safe space
for all LGBT + people, along with friendly organizations
various educational and entertainment activities
Psychological support
Free legal aid
Opportunity to become socially useful
Startup opportunity
as a leader or coach, etc.
MCC projects take into account the interests of all LGBT+ organizations and groups (we aspire to consolidation in the working process).

We create a unified information space, informing our
visitors about other LGBT and LGBT-friendly organizations in Moscow.

Our team of volunteers helps to organize events in Moscow and helps to organizations from other cities (LGBT International Film Festival «Side by Side», The
Annual Forum of the «Russian LGBT Network», FARE, etc.)

We look forward to cooperation between various groups whose activities are aimed at changing Russia to a better world. We strive to recognize the diversity and equivalence of different types of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and we combat all forms of xenophobia and discrimination.
to get the latest news about our activities: