“Let’s speak of the health!” group

/ October 3, 2016/ Projects

It is known that prejudicial treatment of the LGBTI community and people living with HIV (PLH) is widely spread in all social and occupational groups of the society. The health care professionals are no exception. Very often the representatives of the LGBTI community and the PLV face nonprofessional and unethical treatment of doctors on presentation to various health care institutions. It can be expressed as negative treatment and disregard at the doctor’s, when the information of SO, GI, PH, and HIV-status become disclosed, up to rejection of medical treatment, and that is a gross violation of human right for medical treatment regardless of HIV-status, SO, GI, and PH.

Our group is focused on attitude change of health care staff, such as doctors, nursing staff, and medical attendants, toward the representatives of the LGBTI community and the PLH. Every fortnight we arrange the group, to which we invite the multi-disciplinary doctors or the nursing staff and the medical attendants, as well as the representatives of the LGBTI community and the PLH; and in form of open dialog we represent to the health care staff the information of working peculiarities with the LGBTI and the PLH, medical and psychological aspects, and legal provisions. The medical workers share their thoughts and beliefs concerning discriminative climate within the medical field. The representatives of the LGBTI and the PLH also tell about their own experience and real episodes, when they’ve had to face such an attitude, as well as they can ask the questions of interest in specialty of the doctor invited.

Our aim is an attempt to change while interacting the negative, phobic feelings and beliefs of the health care staff in regard to the LGBTI community and the PLH, as well as to set a base of the LGBTI-friendly doctors, who can be visited by our representatives of the LGBTI and the PLH asking for professional aid without any stigmas.