LGBT Job Centre

/ September 19, 2016/ Projects

“LGBT Job Centre” (Moscow) is a large-scale project aimed to the employment assistance of the LGBT community members.

Today in Russia, a huge number of hard-working, professional, educated people are exposed to discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and / or gender identity.

When it comes to work, LGBT people often find themselves in a situation of a difficult choice. Keep silent, or lie? Speak at the risk of not gaining or losing a job? That is why many of them are deprived not only of career prospects, but also of the elementary opportunities to earn a living, receive medical care and social security.

“LGBT Job Centre” (Moscow) has the following objectives:

  1. Finding companies whose corporate policy is focused on freedom from prejudice, and to create a database of real jobs.
  2. Creating a CV database of LGBT professionals.
  3. Helping  job seekers with professional orientation and preparation for job search: how to write a good CV, how to behave in the workplace and other skills.
  4. Working with the psychological problems of applicants that appeared as a result of prolonged exposure to labor discrimination: overcoming passivity, fear of failure, etc.
  5. Contributing the adaptation of LGBT people in the new workplace, upon the employer’s willingness – to educate the labor collective.

“LGBT Job Centre” in Moscow is realized by activists of the Moscow Community Center and the Moscow branch of the Russian LGBT Network, with the support of socio-psychological research and educational center “Human to Human” (Saint-Petersburg). The project started its activities in July 2016, and now it is at the initial stage of the active collecting of profiles – CVs of LGBT people interested in finding or changing jobs.