/ October 3, 2016/ Projects

Social educational project “Future4you”

The project is focused on dealing with the LGBT+ families with children.

since 2014 we have conducted the meetings for the families.
Our meetings are various. Sometimes we just chat and have tea, eventually we play some games. Apart the entertainment meetings we arrange trainings/seminars/discussion platforms on the topics interesting for the families. In 2016 we discussed with the lawyers and the parents such sensitive issues as special aspects of emigration with children, risks and threatening for the LGBT+ families with children in Russia.

Besides this year our initiative group has taken part in keeping of the “International Family Equality Day”. Intentionally for this day we made a short film about the LGBT families of Moscow, and it was shown in different towns.

At our meetings we try to give an opportunity for parents and their children to have a rest from each other.

Meanwhile the parents are discussing some sensitive issues, our volunteers arrange the “Creative area” for the kids.
The “Creative area” is a proprietary technology of our group. The program is designed to form in children a positive perception of various families, an acceptance of their families, various people; to develop tolerance, to shape images of friendship, mutual help, and philanthropy.

While playing we build up in children the conception that various families can exist, and various people can be.
We are watching cartoons, drawing, dancing, and just going wild, while the parents are concerned with different matters.

The project objective:
– to unite the LGBT-parents and to maintain contacts between them;
– to bring the LGBT-families out of social isolation.
– to bring up in children the sense of tolerance and loyalty to their LGBT-parents.

We set important and significant goals for themselves, such as:
– Easing of social-psychological tensions within the families, and in relations between the younger and senior generations;
– Psychological support of the LGBT-parents;

– Inspiration of the LGBT-families desire to communicate and to cooperate with each other.

Help in any shape or form will be welcomed.
For the purpose of getting the lessons for the children to the occupational level, we should reimburse for work of the tutor and the psychologist, who will deal with the children. We need safe and neutral area, where the children will be interested and at ease.

You can help to bring up people, who will respect, value, and love the LGBT+ community as well as defend our interests!

And, of course, we are looking forward to any volunteer assistance!