The book “Children in LGBT family”

/ October 3, 2016/ Projects

The book tells about raising children in same-sex and nonstandard families. In what ways can the children in homosexual couples appear and which ways are they brought up? What are the problems faced by same-sex families in which children are growing up? And how these problems are solved. What “tricks” do the parents invent for their children not to face problems in the kindergarten and school?

Are there any differences between the children who grow up in heterosexual families and the children of homosexual parents?

What peculiarities LGBT families have from the point of view of a psychologist. Also in the book you will find advice from psychologists and lawyers regarding some situations faced by our heroes.

This and much more we are going to cover in our book.

The book is created by volunteers and we would welcome any financial support.


We wish strongly that this book would appear in print!