Charity auction

/ March 9, 2017/ Projects

Charity auction in support of LGBT initiatives and victims of persecution on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

The money obtained at the auction will be transferred to providing assistance and support to victims affected by discrimination and crimes motivated by the hatred on the grounds of SOGI


On 11 November in Moscow there was held the first charity auction in support of victims of discrimination and crimes motivated by the hatred on the grounds of SOGI. The auction was organized by Moscow community center with the support of the Embassy of Great Britain.


With the money obtained at the auction we will be able to provide legal and psychological assistance to people in difficult situation, including financial support. Assistance will be provided to those who suffered from crimes on the grounds of hatred, and who have no possibility and resources to get help elsewhere. Assistance is provided in terms of “transparency and openness”. In our report we will publish the names of those who have turned to us for help and will communicate the amount of means spent on assistance.

To submit an application, please fill in the Google form: application for assistance

Unfortunately, in Russia LGBT representatives are often almost deprived of their rights to a fair trial. If it comes to their orientation/gender identity laws seem not to exist. In Russia every year a large number of crimes are committed on the grounds of hatred. It happens that criminals are not incurred the appropriate punishment for such crimes due to judicial bias. Also often situations arise when police refuses to accept such claims. LGBT find themselves in a trap, where the government created to protect them and their children turns out to be the main offender. If you are in the situation when the law is not properly applied towards you, we will help you in finding the lawyer who will act on your side and will pay for his services.

Also if you have been fired from your job on the grounds of SOGI or you have received a denial in being employed, and you can not comprehend how to sue the employer, we will find a lawyer who will provide you legal advice and will help you in defending your rights.

Undoubtedly, psychological support also represents great importance. Representatives of our community are more often affected by depression, anxiety and panic attacks, inclined to suicide because of the eternal fight against hatred and rejection of the oneself. Especially the people who have experienced physical or moral violence because of their  “otherness” need psychological support. In case you do not have resources for full-time psychological assistance, we will pay the services of a specialist in the amount of 4 to 10 consultations.



We would like to thank all the participants of the auction and we hope that in the future we will be able to collect more means to help those in need, and that similar events will not go down in history but will become a tradition.


All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights!