Center “Resource LGBTQIA Moscow”

/ August 12, 2017/ Community

The center of socio-psychological and cultural projects
“Resource LGBTQIA Moscow”

We exist in order to promote the growth of self-acceptance and self-
respect in LGBTQIA community, to promote the development of
mutual support and active citizenship of LGBTQIA community
representatives. We are striving towards the humanization of
relations between society and LGBTQIA community, to the
extensive integration of LGBTQIA into society based on the values
of equality and tolerance.

Our goals are providing socio-psychological assistance to members of
LGBTQIA community, LGBTQIA families and also the parents and
relatives of LGBTQIA, support of social and cultural initiatives aimed
at community development, work with the specialists providing the
assistance in the informing, education and development of tolerance
towards LGBTQIA community.